Monumental Mistakes!

Historical buildings and monuments are a major place of attraction for travel freaks, history enthusiasts, students, and architects.

The famous monuments of the world have been illustrated in the following pictures. But there is one mistake in each illustration. Can you spot the mistake?

Find The Mistake In The picture Puzzle - Palace of Westminster
Victoria Tower, Westminster should not show a clock.

The Victoria Tower is located at one end of the Palace of Westminster in London. It is named after Queen Victoria. The height of the tower is 98.5 meters (323 ft). It has 12 floors.

Find The Mistake In The picture Puzzle - Windsor Castle
The Tower of Windsor Castle is round.

Windsor Castle is located in the county of Berkshire, England. The castle has been inhabited for almost 900 years. It is one of the royal houses of British Kings & Queens.

Find The Mistake In The picture Puzzle -  Tower Of Pisa
The leaning tower of Pisa is shown perpendicular.

The Tower of Pisa is a bell tower situated behind Pisa Cathedral in Pisa, Italy. The height of the tower is 55.86 meters (183.27 feet). It has 8 floors. The tower is made of marble.

Find The Mistake In The picture Puzzle -   Nelson's Column
Lions should not be in a sitting position.

The Nelson’s Column is located in Trafalgar Square, London. It is a monument to commemorate the death of Admiral Horatio Nelson who died in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Find The Mistake In The picture Puzzle -  Mount Rushmore
Credit: Cover picture of GAMES Magazine
Issue: April 1997

Now, 6 artists planned to paint Mount Rushmore from memory. But only one succeeded in painting the correct sequence of presidents. Can you pick out the correct rendering of this national memorial?

The sixth Mount Rushmore painting is the only one that shows the correct the sequence of presidents: (from left to right) George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Mount Rushmore is located on the northeast edge of the Harney Peak Granite Batholith in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was chiseled out of granite to create the faces of 4 presidents.

Find The Mistake In The picture Puzzle -  Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is not in Venice but in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is located by the banks of the river Seine in Paris, France. It was officially opened on May 6, 1889, to provide an arched entrance to “Exposition Universelle World’s Fair”.

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