Mirabilis Jalapa

Mirabilis Jalapa is also known as:
~ Four O’clock flower
~ Marvel of Peru

Mirabilis Jalapa is a perennial flowering plant. It belongs to the commonly grown ornamental species Mirabilis.

These flowers have a peculiar aspect to bloom after 4:00 p.m., hence it is commonly called as four O’clock flowers.

Mirabilis Jalapa Information:

Family Nyctaginaceae
Common Name Four O’clock flower & Marvel of Peru
Native Tropical South America
Height 2 ft
Bloom Colors magenta, pink, red, white, yellow and bi-colored
Season July to October
Propagation Seed or tuber
Sun Full sun or partial shade
Water Medium, drought tolerant

Facts About Mirabilis Jalapa:

  • The mirabilis jalapa flowers bloom at 4 O’clock.
    The flowers bloom in the evening due to drop in temperature and not because of time.
  • The mirabilis jalapa means wonderful place in Mexico.
    Mirabilis means “wonderful” in Latin. Jalapa is usually a “place in Mexico”.
  • The mirabilis jalapa plant can have more than one colored flower.
    A single plant can have more than one color of flowers.
  • The mirabilis jalapa flower can change colors.
    As the plant matures, it has a peculiar aspect to change color. E.g. pink colored flower plant can change gradually to white color.
  • The mirabilis jalapa flower is trumpet shaped.
    The flower is 2” long and 1” across the end. It has calyx.
  • The mirabilis jalapa flower produces single seed.
    The matured seed of mirabilis jalapa is black in color, spherical in shape and has a wrinkled surface.

How To Grow Mirabilis Jalapa:

Mirabilis Jalapa

It grows well in tropical region. The seeds are planted during the spring or four weeks before summer season.

Soil Clay, loamy or sandy soil
Exposure Full sun to partial shade
Moisture Moist, well-drained
Propagation Seed or tuber
Maintenance Low

Uses Of Mirabilis Jalapa:

  • The tender leaves of mirabilis jalapa is edible, it is cooked.
  • The flower of mirabilis jalapa is used to obtain an edible dye.
  • The leaf and the root of the mirabilis jalapa are used in herbal medicines.

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