Origami Mountain Fold

In origami mountain-fold, the fold done in the flap or layer of paper is backward.

When unfolded, the crease forms a peak that resembles a “mountain ridge”. Hence, called mountain-fold.

To make a mountain-fold, follow the following tip:
– Turn over the paper
– Make valley-fold.
– Again, turn over the paper to the original position.

The two basic origami folds are mountain-fold and valley-fold. The valley-fold is the opposite of the mountain-fold. The mountain-fold is rarely used whereas in all origami models there is a valley-fold.

Note: Mountain-fold is folded horizontally, vertically, diagonally etc.

Example of mountain-fold

Step 1: Take an origami paper and position it.

Step 1 Origami Mountain Fold

Step 2: Mountain-fold the paper diagonally at the top-left edge. And, crease the paper to form a mountain-fold.

Step 2 Origami Mountain Fold

Why is it called mountain-fold?

Step 1: Take an origami paper.

1 Mountain Fold

Step 2: Mountain-fold the left edge of the paper to meet the right edge. Then, crease the fold.

2 Mountain Fold

Step 3: Unfold the fold made in Step 1. The crease formed in the unfolded paper, makes the paper resemble a mountain ridge. Hence, called a mountain-fold.

3 Mountain Fold

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