Origami Fish Base

The origami fish base consists of folds from the origami kite base at the corners of both ends of the diagonal. Then with a diagonal as a reference, opposite corners pinched and fattened.

As the name implies, the origami fish base is the foundation for the origami fish models.

The origami kite base is the foundation for the origami fish base.

How To Make An Origami Fish Base


1 Origami paper 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm)


The origami fish base requires the following origami fold and base:
Fold: Origami valley-fold
Base: Origami kite base

Step 1: Take an origami paper and position it.

Step 1 Origami Fish Base

Step 2: Valley-fold the left corner to meet the right corner.

Step 2 Origami Fish Base

Step 3: Unfold the fold done in Step 2.

Step 3 Origami Fish Base

Step 4: Valley-fold the top corner to the bottom corner.

Step 4 Origami Fish Base

Step 5: Unfold the folds done in Step 4.

Step 5 Origami Fish Base

Step 6: Valley-fold the bottom-left edge and bottom-right edge to the vertical crease.

Step 6 Origami Fish Base

Step 7: Unfold the folds done in Step 6.

Step 7 Origami Fish Base

Step 8: Valley-fold the top left and right edges to the vertical center crease.

Step 8 Origami Fish Base

Step 9: Unfold the fold made in Step 8.

Step 9 Origami Fish Base

Step 10: Pinch the left corner till it meets the intersection.

Step 10 Origami Fish Base

Step 11: Now, pinch the left corner, and collapse the left side along the crease. Make the pinched flap-fold protrude upwards.

Step 11 Origami Fish Base

Step 12: Repeat Steps 10 & 11 for the right side, to form an origami fish base.

Step 12 Origami Fish Base

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