Rabbit or duck optical illusion

The rabbit or duck is one of the most popular ambiguous image optical illusion.

In this illusion, the head of the animal can be either perceived as a rabbit or a duck.

The rabbit-duck illusion first appeared in the German Humor magazine named Fliegende Blätter in the year 1892.

Duck! Rabbit! is a funny picture book for children, which was a New York Bestseller for 9 weeks. It is based on this ambiguous image.

There are many versions of the rabbit-duck figure. Here, are few…

Rabbit or duck pictures

Rabbit or Duck Ambiguous Optical Illusion By Fliegende Blätter
Welche Thiere gleichen einander am meisten? Kaninchen und Ente
(Which animals are most like each other? Rabbit and Duck)
Magazine: Fliegende Blätter
(German humor magazine)
Year: 23 October 1892
Country: Germany
Jastrow’s Duck-Rabbit Figure
Jastrow’s Duck-Rabbit Figure
Joseph Jastrow, An American psychologist
Magazine: Popular Science Monthly
Year: January 1899
The Full Version Of Duck Or Rabbit Illusion By Walter Ehrenstein
The full version of duck or rabbit illusion
Illustrator: Walter Ehrenstein (1899-1961),
German psychologist
Year: 1930
Duck Or Rabbit Ambiguous Illusion By Ludwig Wittgenstein
Illustrator: Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein (1889-1951)
Year: 1953
Duck Or Rabbit Ambiguous Illusion - Roger Shepard
Illustrator: Roger Shepard
Book: Mind Insights
Full version of rabbit duck optical illusion
Modern full version of rabbit-duck

Rabbit or duck cartoon

Duck Or Rabbit Ambiguous Illusion by Stivess
Illustrator: Stivess
Year: 2012
Duck Or Rabbit Ambiguous Illusion by David Kellner
Illustrator: David Kellner
Country: Austria
Duck Or Rabbit And Wife Or Mother-In-Law Ambiguous Illusion by Paul Noth
Illustrator: Paul Noth
New Yorker Cartoon

The above carton features two ambiguous images. They are:

An interesting thing about this cartoon is that the wife or mother-in-law is performing shadow art of duck or rabbit.

Rabbit or duck logo

Duck Or Rabbit Illusion Logo

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